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  • How much do you charge for repairing a mobile?

    The Cost will depend on your mobile phone brand and model along with any replacement parts included. We repair at a very reasonable price.

  • Do you use original replacement parts?

    Yes. We use 100% genuine replacement parts which comes with warranty.

  • What to do if we have a complaint?

    We handle your mobile phone with care but still if you have any complaints our customer support team is there to reply and we try our best to rectify the problem.

  • Will I be able to recover a water damaged mobile phone?

    We have our technicians who are experts in dealing with water damage issues and we will do our best to recover your device.

  • What all mobile phone brands do you repair?

    We repair almost all mobile phone brands and models including Apple’s IPhone through Samsung, Sony, Lenovo, LG, HTC, Nokia and lot more. If it’s a mobile phone we repair.

  • How to reach out to you?

    You can visit our site or can dial @+97470300924 or simply leave a message/Email and our support team will be in touch with you without much delay.

  • What about the data on my phone?/div>

    While we take utmost care in ensuring there is no data loss, repair of mobile might entail formatting of device and the company will not be responsible for the loss of saved data/contact information. Please take appropriate data backup before submitting your device.

  • What if my phone is not switching on?

    Mobile handed over in switched off state would be treated as dead mobile and the actual cost of repair would be confirmed post diagnosis. We will not be charged for diagnosis.

  • When do I pay for the repair? Do I need to pay in advance?

    You have to pay for repairs at the time of delivery of the Phone. You need not to pay anything in advance, unless some special parts needs to be procured for you, in which case we will inform you.

  • Why we Choose Mobile Phone Repair instead of an authorized service center?

    Choosing Mobile Phone Repair helps you in fetching good quality of service in best turn around time.Our technical experts here pays full attention on your product from its receiving till its delivering. High product testing & better warranty policy is present here at mobile phone repair qatar to provide you full satisfaction