Real Expert Lava Mobile Phone Repair


1. Why my Lava mobile’s camera is not working?

If you encounter such an issue, perform a software update on your OS. if that does not work then it sounds like your mobile camera needs to be replaced. Seek assistance from a service center to get it fixed.

2. Why is my Lava mobile display flickering?

Flickering of display occurs mainly due to error with the display. For a proper understanding of the reason, a thorough check of the display is required. If the problem is with the display, it should be replaced.

3. Which service center in Doha provides Lava mobile motherboard service?

Almost all service centers in Doha are fully-fledged to provide motherboard service for Lava mobiles. Of them, Real expert is a center where you can get cost-effective services for your Lava mobile phones.

4. Why there are green lines on my Lava mobile display?

Lines on display are caused due to problems with the display. The solution for this is to replace the display.