Real Expert Motorola Mobile Phone Repair


1. Is screen damage covered under warranty Motorola?

Generally, screen damages are not covered under warranties for they are considered accidental damages. Only manufacturing defects are covered by the warranty and not the defects that arise due to negligence or any accidental damage.

2. Will I get Motorola mobile touchscreen service in Doha?

Yes, indeed. A lot of mobile service centers across Doha provide you all kinds of Motorola smartphone repairing services including touch screen repair services

3. How do I fix my Motorola phone when it won’t turn on?

Firstly, press and hold the power button for at least 10 seconds. If the mobile doesn’t turn on, then hold down the volume down button along with plugging the phone into a charger and then release the button. If that doesn’t help, seek assistance from a service center.

4. Why is my Motorola phone not turning on or charging?

Most probably, the issue is with the metal connector in the USB port, that might be bent slightly and hindering proper contact with the charging cable. A thorough diagnosis is required to reveal the exact cause.