Real Expert Nokia Mobile Phone Repair


1. Why can't people hear me on my Nokia phone?

If you find that none can hear you on calls, then the problem is with your Phone’s microphone. It is likely to have got cluttered with dirt particles and this can block the sound to pass into the microphone. This is the reason why people can’t hear you in phone calls.

2. Why I can't swipe down notification bar in my Nokia mobile?

If you happen to experience such an issue, first of all, reboot your device in safe mode. Then go to Android Settings and from the option called Users, switch to Guest account. Now switch back again to Owner account and reboot the phone and come to normal mode. If this doesn’t work, then reach a service center

3. Why sound is not coming from my Nokia mobile?

If no sound comes from your Nokia phone, then the speaker might have got impaired. So, you need to replace the phone’s speaker with the help of a technician. Reach your nearest service center for an excellent Nokia mobile repair.

4. Why is my Nokia mobile getting hot?

In most cases, overheating in phones is caused due to a defective battery. Also, android phones are susceptible to apps that run in background, drawing memory, Wi-Fi or internet. These apps can cause the phone to heat up.