Real Expert One Plus Mobile Phone Repair


1. Is OnePlus 7 waterproof?

According to Oneplus, the OnePlus 7 is water resistant to certain extent but to whatever degree is not clearly mentioned. Moreover it doesn’t have an official IP rating. If you happen to encounter any water damage issues with your phone, turn it off, rinse it with a cotton cloth and bring immediately to a nearby service center.

2. How do I reset my OnePlus phone?

If you find that your OnePlus phone is irresponsive, try a master reset. For this, press and hold the power button and volume down button simultaneously. When you see the OnePlus logo appearing on the screen, release only the power button and continue pressing the volume button for some seconds.

3. How do I reset network settings on OnePlus 7 Pro?

Go to the Settings menu and select Backup & reset. Then tap on Network settings reset. This will reset all network settings on your device including all cellular data, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. As a final step, tap on Reset all network settings.

4. Why the fingerprint sensor is not working in my OnePlus phone?

One of the most common issues with OnePlus Devices is with its fingerprint sensor. Such an issue can arise due to storage, third party apps or software glitches. A proper reason behind the issue can be revealed only after a scrupulous diagnosis of the device.